The Dravyasamuddeśa of Bhartṛhari

with the Prakīrṇaprakāśa commentary of Helārāja

edited and maintained by Charles Li

The Dravyasamuddeśa is the second chapter of the Prakīrṇakāṇḍa of the 5th-century philosopher Bhartṛhari. The Prakīrṇakāṇḍa is often referred to as the third book of the Vākyapadīya, a treatise on language, linguistic cognition, and reality. In this chapter, Bhartṛhari explores the thesis that all words denote dravya, or substance, as opposed to jāti, universals.

This edition collects thirteen manuscript transcriptions and three printed editions of the Dravyasamuddeśa and its commentary, the Prakīrṇaprakāśa, by the 10th-century philosopher Helārāja. It also includes Wilhelm Rau's critical text of the Dravyasamuddeśa without commentary. The TEI XML files that comprise the edition and the transcriptions are indexed by Zenodo: doi:10.52.81/zenodo.1000903.

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Printed editions

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